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Internal Gas Installation Diagram

This type installation requirements shown below and you can place up to 19 Kg of gas within the cupboard

Pricing start at R1800 excluding gas cylinders


External Gas Installation Diagram

The requirements for an external installation differ slightly for safe cylinder placement and is as follows

1.) 1 meter from a door or opening window

2.) 2 meters for a forced draught inlet for an airconditioner

3.) When an electrical source of ignition such as a switch box, distribution board, motor, generator, etc. if lower or at the same level as the gas cylinders, it must be at least 5 meters away from the gas cylinder.

Pricing start off at R2600 and excludes cylinders and cage should it be required.


The Requirement for a Cage

The requirements for a cage is highlighted within the SANS 10087-1 Standard but will be required if there is public access to the cylinders itself.

The necessity for a cage has been removed from the Centurion bylaws since 2015