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"Saving the Water you waste down the Drain"


Every Time you wait for Hot Water to come through the tap, the cool water running out first is wasted down the drain, this cool water is called Redwater and can be saved by installing a Redwater diverter. 


You can SAVE this cool water easily by installing a Redwater Diverter Valve


What is a Redwater Diverter Valve ?

It is a valve that saves Redwater, the cool water before the hot water runs out of your tap and sends it to either a rainwater tank, a storage tank, a garden or a pool.
Uses no Electricity, No Pumps, Elements, Solenoids, Timers or the like.
Obtains nearly 100 % water recovery
is Suitable for Retrofit and new installations
No Ongoing Cost as it only requires some plumbing

Where should the Redwater valve be installed ?

For optimum water and cost and water savings the Redwater diverter valve should be installed in high hot water usage areas like below the kitchen sink  or in the ceiling above the bathroom to serve multiple fixtures.

Research has shown that an average household using the Redwater diverter system could save up to 16 000 liters of potable water every year